Home Yoghurt Maker

KES5,000.00 KES3,500.00

With Our Branded Home Yoghurt maker, You can now prepare delicious healthy Yoghurt for yourself, your kids or visitors in the comfort of your home.
Pack the Yoghurt for them when going to school instead of unhealthy sugar packed mass produced juices!

Capacity 1 Litre


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1. Lightly Boil 1 litre of Milk
2. Allow Milk to Cool to Lukewarm
3.Divide the lukewarm milk into 2 halfs of 500 mls each
4. Take 1 cup of Plain / Natural Yoghurt, and stir into one half of the Luke warm milk ( or Use Live Bacteria Culture)
5. Once fully dissolved, mix both halfs i.e The milk with the Natural Yoghurt and the milk without.
6. Pour the mixed milk into the clear removable container of the Yoghurt maker and cover it.
7. Place that container into the Yoghurt Maker and Cover.
8. Switch On the Yoghurt maker
9.Leave it STILL for 12 hours
10. After 12 hours, Switch Off, Disconnect, and flavour the Yoghurt to your taste.
You may flavour with:Vanilla, Strawberries, Honey, Fruits suit your taste


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