Steaming Lunch Box

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The Steaming lunch box will solve the biggest Daily problem facing employees and business owners in urban places – How to get Affordable, Healthy & Hygienically prepared Lunch meals.

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How To Use It

  1. Pack your cold food in the morning, as you leave for work or your business premises.
  2. Plug lunchbox into a power socket 30 minutes to your meal time.
    NB: You may leave it to steam for a longer period, until your food attains your
    desired temperature
  3. The Indicator light will come on, indicating that power is flowing.
  4. Press the Steam Release vent in the middle of the Lid.
    NB: When you press it, it will open little vents. These vents help to release steam from the warming food.
  5. The steam Release Vent rubber cover can be removed for cleaning purposes.
  6. When the food has attained the temperatures you want, simply switch off the power & Unplug the Lunchbox.
  7. Pick the spoon provided on the Lid Cover, and Enjoy your meal at your convenience.

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