Chelated Calcium & Magnesium


Highly bioavailable calcium, magnesium and 500 IU vitamin D3for strong bones, teeth, nerve & muscle function and more…
Key Benefits
• Promotes strong bones and teeth.
• May assist in postponing or preventing the onset of osteoporosis.
• Supports nerve and muscle function.
Idea for persons suffering from back pains, joint pains, arthritis, bleeding gums, weak teeth, PMS,pregnant women, Nursing mothers, Babies with rickets


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• Provides vitamin D3 the form that is readily Absorbable and highly Bioavailable.
• Pharmaceutically pure, seashell-derived calcium.
• Exclusive double amino acid Chelation to promote higher calcium and magnesium absorption.
• Formulated with the preferred 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium to best meet our body’s needs.


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