Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Do I need to Put Water to my food for it to steam?

No you dont. This is because your food already contains moisture from the cooking process. Most food was prepared with water at one stage or the other. So once the food at the bottom of the lunchbox, catches some heat, it will generate steam, which in turn moves up the lunchbox warming the rest of the food. This steam keeps circulating inside the lunchbox because the Lid is closed, hence no heat is lost NB: However, if you wish to warm very Dry food, you may add a spoonful of water to the food so as to generate steam faster.

If my food does not have stew, a broth or soup, must I use the soup bowl?

If your food does not have any stew, soup or broth, feel free to remove the soup bowl on the side. You can then pack your food, in the open space left by the soup bowl. Alternatively, you may still pack your food inside the soup bowl, even if its not a stew. What is important to note is that its advisable to pack food in both compartments (The large open compartment & the soup bowl compartment) so that you do not waste the heat that will be passing through them

Is it Safe to Warm Babies Food?

Yes, it is safe to warm babies’ food because it uses steaming technology. Another advantage is that it warms food gradually, hence ideal for babies because you are able to attain the required temperature for a baby, without overheating and then cooling the food for the baby to eat.

Can I Pack Hot Food in the Morning for my Lunch Time like a thermos flask?

It is NOT advisable to pack hot food in the morning to consume over lunch hour. This is because you are creating a conducive environment for micro-organisms to start growing in the food. This may lead to food ‘spoiling’ and subsequently food poisoning. That is why this steaming lunch box will save you the trouble of carrying hot food which spoils before you consume it.

How long does delivery of my orders take?

Delivery of your orders will be done within 24 hours. All Orders made and paid for by 15.00 Hrs, are dispatched for delivery on the same day, unless the customer has specified otherwise. All Orders made and paid for after 15:00 Hrs, shall be dispatched for delivery, on the following day, unless the customer has specified otherwise.

Will I pay extra delivery fees after placing an order?

No. All deliveries are free of Charge.

How are the deliveries made?

Deliveries within Nairobi region (Including Thika, Athi River, Kitengela & Rongai) are made via Riders to your specified delivery point Deliveries to other cities and towns in Kenya are made via reliable parcel delivery providers to those towns as per the below schedule

Coast Region:

Modern Coast


Mololine Shuttle

Western Region:

Easy Coach

Lakeside Region:

Easy Coach

Central Region:

2NK Sacco

Eastern (Embu, Mwea):

Neno Sacco

Eastern (Chuka, Chogoria, Nkubu, Meru):

Luxury Shuttles

Eastern (Machakos, Kitui, Mwingi):

Luxury Shuttles

NB: A customer may still specify their preferred delivery service, so long as it is within the cost charges of the above. Otherwise, the client must be willing to cater or any extra delivery charge that may accrue by using different service providers