About Us

CedPalm Group is an enterprise that has evolved from Elyama foods (K) ltd. This has been necessitated by the need to offer a wider range of health promoting products and appliances from what we initially offered.

Our Core Purpose: We exist so that all People can Enjoy Lifelong Optimum Health.

Elyama Foods (K) Ltd was founded in 2012, so as to promote healthy eating habits _ lifestyles amongst the people.

The passion to champion healthy lifestyles arose out of the battle to beat childhood Asthma, in our founder`s daughter. This was successfully achieved through ensuring consumption of healthy diets, with lots of fresh fruits , as wellI as supplementing the diets with High Quality affordable Nutritional supplements, In this case Neolife Nutritionals.

Elyama Foods (K) Ltd started off as a cereals supplier,specialising in Pure Aromatic Pishori Rice from Mwea Irrigation Scheme to homes , Instituitions & Hotels within & Around Nairobi

We then added to our services Corporate Wellness Talks/ Forums, where we create awareness on the High Prevalence of Lifestyle Diseases and how one can minimize their risk through good nutrition and general well being practises.

In 2015, We introduced our Our flagship product , The Steaming Lunch Box, or the Electric Lunch Box as it’s popularly known. This was the First of its kind not only in Kenya, but in Africa as well.

The Steaming lunchbox earned us the good reputation as the company  to go to for High Quality, Innovative, Health promoting Home products, at Value

In 2018, Once again , We’ve brought to the kenyan Consumer 2 Uniquely innovative products: 1.A 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker 2. A home Yoghurt Maker.The 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker comes with a coffee maker, an Oven & frying pan…all rolled into one easily portable product. The yoghurt maker enables you to make healthy yoghurt in the comfort of your home…A delicious snack for everyone in the family.

We will soon be launching a Unique Cassava Home baking flour, which has been successfully piloted in Nairobi & Emby County, over the last one year.

We Value  You and Sincerely Thank You for  believing in Us  and our products. We will not tire in developing products to leave you Healthier and wholistically better.


Our Promise To You:

  1. Our Products are of the Highest Quality
  2. Our Products Will Enhance Your Overall Wellbeing & Health
  3. We will Maintain High Integrity & Honesty in All dealings
  4. We will Deliver or Dispatch your Orders in  24 hours